Life is about fun

There's no other way to say it - life should be fun! I was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon and have grown to love the Pacific North West. In high school, I began working in the service industry at a local diner. It soon became my second home, and my co-workers became family. I love the sense of community that comes from a town in which I grew up - just big enough to cause some trouble, but small enough to get in it,.. big. Where a ten minute run to the grocery store turns in to an hour long reunion, and where your local tap house is the neighborhood watering hole. You'll see a photo of my childhood playground - Wildwood Falls where my friends and I would go to swim, jump, flip, hoot, holler, and cause hell. This place is my happy thought.

It was this sense of community that became the foundation for Wildwood Towers. Fortunately, I also grew up in one of the craft capitals of the world, and I can't convey any greater love for a good beer. There's just nothing better than a good drink with good people and good conversation.

With Wildwood Towers, I sought to create something that would bring people together around a table. I wanted it to be fun, as pulling a tap is a privilege reserved for those behind bar. I wanted to be a part of the creative process and get my hands dirty. So I learned how to turn each of the bases. Each one is hand turned by me. I also wanted to promote our amazing craft industry by working with businesses to increase customer engagement, increase high volume sales, but most of all HAVE FUN! 

That's what it's all about.


-Keenan Hoar - Founder of Wildwood Towers

 Wildwood Falls, Oregon

Wildwood Falls, Oregon