As the craft brewing industry has flourished, the means of consuming its' products has remained the same. The pitcher has long been a necessary inconvenience, diminishing quality by causing beverages to go flat.

It is time for a change! The craft products of today deserve better. Our towers are designed to promote an enhanced social experience by sustaining the quality of your beverages and the culture of your associations.

As a native Oregonian, the founder of Wildwood Towers was inspired by the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, and a love and profound enjoyment of the people and craft brewing culture that thrived within it. From the Pacific Coast to the high desert and the beauty of the Cascade Range in between, Wildwood Towers is a reflection of the environment that compelled it. 

Wildwood Towers looks forward to being your partner in expanding the dining experience of the craft brewing culture. It will continue to build foundations and provide premium products to serve the craft industry. 


Wildwood Falls, Oregon

Wildwood Falls, Oregon